Sunday, 27 September 2009

Have your cake but don't eat it as they are so amazing!!!

Susie and I are back from our day out at Made in the shade, we had a super lovely time the venue was amazing. I will be putting up snaps when I get them and I think they will hopefully be joining us at our wee fair with a few Made in the shaders to boot.

Without further adooooooo I would like to introduce my lovely friend and extremely talented painter Lyndsey Neill who has now turned her sights to cup cakes. What more can you ask? Cheap art that you can eat. If you want to get a cake before the fair you can go to The Bowery on a Friday and they will be sitting at the bar awaiting your chops.

These are beautys the star of the show me thinks.........

So now there's another reason for you to come and lots more will follow.

Enjoy your Sunday. xx

Friday, 25 September 2009

Made in the shade.

Hello folks

Susie maroon and wooden tree will be attending made in the shade at The Lighthouse in Glasgow.

Susie will be selling her wonderfull interiors and wooden tree gifts and accessories.

So see you there........

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Monday, 21 September 2009

MarcheMarche at The Bowery

Boutique, craft fair, five-and-dime, mart.....whatever you want to call it, the MarchéMarché bazaar brings you all the affordable quintessential treats and trinkets you can't live without. Cunningly devised by Edinburgh’s finest creative trio Ruth Moir – the brains behind your favourite watering hole and listening post The Bowery, together with the creative input from Edinburgh based embroidery revolutionist Susie Brown of Susiemaroon and tip-top crafter Kirsty Anderson of Wooden Tree.

MarchéMarché debut on Saturday 24th October 2009 from 12noon-6pm offers an alternative to the normal head-throbbing, hair pulling trials of high street shopping showcasing eye-popping design, fantastical craftwork and re-worked vintage delights from your granny’s linen cupboard this is one un-missable chance to shop your socks off… MarchéMarché is the most exciting market Edinburgh has ever seen. Far from your standard table trawling twee craft affair, which makes you flail your arms, yelp and run in the opposite direction, MarchéMarché oozes pizzazz.

In fact, just in case shopping isn’t your thing we are bringing in the Cocktail shakers and martini glasses to construct just a few of the best classic cocktails fit for all those Audrey Hepburn’s and Humphrey Bogart’s out there. Tea trolley’s stacked with cupcakes, music from Edinburgh’s finest local music scene stalwart and serial blogger Song by Toad, a chance to make your own creations in the MarchéMarché minimart workshops. Slip on those glad-rags and make a day of it…

24th October
Shopping 12noon-6pm
After party from 8pm
The Bowery, 2 Roxburgh Place, Edinburgh, EH8 8EB